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Root & Bones

Root & Bones Pearl Powder- .5 or 3oz. package

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Pearl Powder is a legendary beauty tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Pearl’s rare nutritional profile supports the repair, rejuvenation and regeneration of skin cells. Our Pearl Powder is made from nano ground sustainable fresh water pearls.

Pearl was made especially famous as a beauty tonic by Empress Ci Xi, the de-facto last ruler of China’s Qing Dynasty for almost 50 years. Empress Ci Xi consumed one spoon of pearl before bedtime for most of her adult life. In a memoir written by her personal assistant, she was described to have “the skin of a young girl” even in her sixties. She used her administrative power to set up an institute that conducted research on Pearl and other anti-aging materials and prepared all kinds of herbal formulations to satisfy her desire for eternal youth and immortality. She adored pearls so much that she was accompanied by more than 30,000 pearls on her way to the other world, with the largest pearl directly in her mouth.

Pearl Powder is rich in calcium, zinc, iron, selenium, amino acids, and the antioxidants superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione.

Pearl Powder can help to heal wounds, boost collagen production, regenerate tissue, and prevent and repair free radical damage to the skin.

Pearl Powder is also a powerful Shen Tonic, and thus it can relieve uneasiness, nervousness, anxiety and tension. Pearl Powder supports the nervous system, and can be used for sleep disturbances.

Root & Bones uses a grinding technology known as levigation to produce this Pearl Powder. This nano sized pearl powder is easily assimilated and utilized by the body.


Some ways to use pearl powder:

Stir it into your morning coffee or tea, juice or smoothie

Mix some into your day or night cream

Mash an avocado, raw honey and some pearl powder for a luxurious facial mask

Mix with your foundation or BB cream and instantly gain a luminous glow while minimizing your pores

Dust a bit of pearl powder over your skin as you would a highlighter

Mix a bit with sunscreen and pat into face for a naturally boosted sun protector

.5 oz sample or 3oz. full size



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