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4 Inch Selenite Crystal Wands

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SELENITE WANDS: Selenite is essential for cleansing our aura, and wands are a shape that directs energy flow. Especially if you are sensitive to other peoples emotional energy, or the energy of a space, using selenite wands to cleanse your aura will remove that low vibration energy from you.

CRYSTAL ENERGY CLEANSING: Selenite has an exceptionally high and pure vibration, which promotes super-consciousness. It connects us with our Highest Self, our Spirit Guides, and lights up the mystical pathway between ourselves and the Divine. Selenite propels us forward, continually asking us to become the brilliant and vibrant person we are capable of becoming.

ETHICALLY SOURCED: Our Selenite is mined and polished in Morroco using mining methods that leave the smallest footprint possible on Earth in the process. The mine is family-owned and working conditions are very good for the miners and polishing staff involved in producing these powerful crystal wands.



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