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Organic Sunflower Seed Blend- FUNDRAISER FOR UKRAINE

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Proceeds from the sales of these seeds will be donated to Ukrainian refugees. Please select the amount you would like to contribute in the drop down menu. Thank you for supporting those in need. 💙💛

Mixture consists of the following sunflowers: Velvet Queen, Lemon Queen, Red Sun, Tall Teddy, Italian White, Mammoth Grey Stripe, Chocolate, Henry Wilde, Evening Colors, Mexican, Wild, and Autumn Beauty.

  • This particular mixture of seeds will produce flowering plants that grow to a varying height of 1 foot tall to over 7 feet tall, in colors of red, yellow & orange and will even produce bi-colored blooms. Smaller sized seeds tend to be from smaller sunflowers, while larger seeds are usually from sunflowers with larger heads.
  • Grown as an annual flowering plant, Sunflowers will grow quickly, bloom profusely and later die with the first killing frost. Sunflowers are best sown outdoors as a border plant, along fences, or in fields by the masses. They will bloom throughout the summer months and seeds can be collected at the end of the season.

  • Contains 50 assorted seeds
  • Non-GMO
  • Materials


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