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Root & Bones

Root & Bones Duanwood Resihi

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This “Queen” mushroom of “immortality” and “spiritual potency” is a powerful immune modulator, cardiotonic, hormone balancer, and nervine tonic that nurtures/nourishes/protects the shen (consciousness, the heart, and soul seat in Traditional Chinese Medicine) for supreme mind-body-spirit harmony. And she is a legend in her own right: Reishi’s use has been documented for thousands of years. According to The Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica, the oldest surviving Chinese text of its kind, "Long term consumption of Reishi mushrooms will lighten the body and prevent aging, extend one's life, and make one an immortal.” And today, the science backs the sages: innumerable published studies - from Japan to China and the U.S. to the U.K.-  have all confirmed Reishi’s myriad healing properties, as one of the world’s best researched herbs. Our reishi is grown on Duanwood  (“original wood') logs, where reishi grows naturally, producing the best and highest quality reishi with the most bioactive constituents available.

>25% Beta-glucans




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